Friday, August 12, 2016

15mm Superhero Gaming - Desert Rescue Session Report

Recently I ran a small 15mm Superhero gaming session for my daughter and nephew.  It had been more than a few months since our last session - Rise of the Dead and I was excited to use my Flames of War desert scenery.  Below are the details for this new adventure....

Desert Rescue

In the heart of the desert, Hydra agents have hidden away the captured Taffy Man deep in an underground bunker.  Nick Fury has selected two superheroes that will lead a clandestine rescue mission:  America Girl - leader of The Repulsers superhero team, and Plasma Man - its newest member.

*America Girl
*Plasma Man (and Minions)

Avengers (NPCs):
*The Vision

*Hydra Henchmen

The small team parachuted into the compound, avoiding being seen until the last minute.  They then descended into the secret facility by elevator.  Plasma Man summoned one Minion, and the team split up to find their extraction target.  They found some keys and hacked in the main computer before freeing Taffy Man from his cell.  Catoblepas attempted to block escape, but the team had found an auxiliary service elevator, and Taffy Man held off Catoblepas and the Hydra henchmen while the rescue team hacked the controls.  Now back on the surface, the team used the stolen keys to steal a Hydra vehicle.  Needing support, The Vision made an appearance to provide covering fire during the escape to freedom.

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