Thursday, May 12, 2016

15mm Superhero Gaming - Rise of the Dead Session Report

Last year at Halloween I GMed my first 15mm Superhero gaming session for my family.  We used the Flames of War rules, modified for Superhero adventures and also used my Flames of War scenery.  Below are the details from that session.  I posted this on DakkaDakka a few months back, but wanted to add in a few more details and some better pictures....

Rise of the Dead

Herr Kürbiskopf has completed his dark ritual in an abandoned church near a small village, raising soldiers from the dead to be his minions.  Nick Fury has quickly assembled a small team of new superheroes to confront Herr Kürbiskopf and his undead horde.  The mission: to protect the villagers, stop the zombies, and defeat Herr Kürbiskopf.  

*Ice Princess (and Snowflake, the Ice Golem)
*Captain America
*America Girl
*Black Widow

Galactic A-Holes (NPCs):
*Rocket Raccoon

*Herr Kürbiskopf
*Zombies (many, many Zombies) 

Victory!  The superhero team needed to call in some US Army (NPC) reinforcements, but the village was saved from the zombie horde and Herr Kürbiskopf was defeated!  Along the way, some Galactic A-Holes joined the fight....

At 15mm, I can quickly create new adversaries and superheroes as needed, so I'll be holding similar gaming sessions in the near future.  I also created some character sheets for use in the game - I'll post them shortly.

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