Tuesday, June 26, 2018

New Games Workshop "Blitz Bowl" Pictures

Back in March, Games Workshop announced an introductory game named Blitz Bowl, using many of the Blood Bowl rules and models.  Recently, additional pictures have been spoiled, providing a view into the rules, the dice, and some of the gameplay.

Based on the new photos, it appears that the game is more than just Blood Bowl on a smaller scale.  The actions are different and the block dice results are slightly different as well.  There are Challenge cards and Bonus Play cards which appear to bring in objective-type goals into the game.

I'm excited to see what additional photos and previews are shown as the game gets closer to release.


  1. How will the price compare to the inflation adjusted price of the full 1st/2nd ed. BB? Since I missed BB the first time around I would happily give this a go. Sund

    1. Likely around $40-$50 retail, cheaper with the standard 20% discount. The real question is how extensible it is - will they release rules/card packs for other teams? If so, I think it becomes a real contender for a regular game night tournament-style league. Especially if the gameplay is under an hour. The problem with the full BB is that it can be a two to three hour investment.