Saturday, March 10, 2018

Team Yankee - Russians vs. British (64 Points)

I played Team Yankee against Strom a few weekends ago.  He used his Russians and I played my British FV432 Mechanized Company, along with some Chieftans.  Strom's airpower went unchallenged and it was a war of attrition with both sides taking heavy losses.  A few hours in we were considering calling it a stalemate, but we decided to give it a few more turns.

In the end, Strom captured an objective with his Hind Air Assault Battalion for the win.  The previous few turns he had slowly winnowed down my forces with his airpower and artillery.  He pinned the infantry unit guarding the objective.  When I failed my unpin roll there was no way I could contest his capture of it.

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