Friday, February 16, 2018

Disney Frozen Gaming - Attack of the Wolves

A few weekends ago my daughters and I tried out a custom tabletop game using a modified set rules based on the most recent version of Warhammer Quest.  The winter scenery I have makes for a great scene for Frozen, and so we played a scenario with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf facing off against the wolves that are known to inhabit the forest located outside of the capital village of Arendelle.

The Elsa and Anna miniatures are the Fire Elementalists from North Star Military Figures for Frostgrave.  I made the Olaf figure myself using greenstuff and wire.  My youngest daughter played Anna, my oldest Elsa, and I took Olaf.  The wolves were played by the game itself according to a script detailed on custom cards.

The story:

Elsa was startled by her sister entering the room unexpectedly. 

"What is it now?", she asked as she quizzically looked at her sister.

"It's Nona Greta - she's sick!".  Anna looked worried.  "...and the doctor says that in order to cure her he needs a special elixir that he left in her house on the edge of the forest!  I know that house - I can find it and be back in 10 minutes!"

Elsa glanced outside the castle window.  "It's getting dark Anna...."

"I know, we need to hurry!" Anna replied.

"Anna - you know the Kristoff and Castle Guard left on their training exercise two days ago - we'd be all alone without support or protection.  What about the wolves?"

"Its a danger that you and I are going to need to face, Elsa."

Just then, Olaf entered the room, and added, "I can help out too!"

With that, Elsa confidentially said, "Let's hurry!"

The game uses custom-made sheets based on the rules from the new version of Warhammer Quest.  Elsa is the best at combat, Anna has the ability to heal, while Olaf is able to provide support via his ability to stun his opponents.  The direwolves are fast and increase their number of attacks while other direwolves are near.

The objective was to have Anna enter the house, find and obtain the elixir (needing a roll of 6+), and then return to the castle walls before any hero character was defeated by the wolves.  The direwolves entered the table from the forest on the far side of the board.

Luckily, Anna was able to make it to the house and quickly find the elixir.  However, on the return trip to the castle, the wolves all attacked the party at once.  The first round of combat was dangerous, and Anna, Elsa, and Olaf each had only a few wounds left afterwards.  But with Elsa's magic, Anna's healing actions, and Olaf's stun ability, enough healing was performed and damage done to the wolves to reduce their numbers in subsequent turns and provide a respite from their future attacks.  After a few rounds, all the wolves had been defeated, (and they each respawned on the far side of the forest).

The three successfully made it inside the castle as the next pack of wolves approached.

As Anna and Olaf hurried off to deliver the elixir, Anna looked down at the wolves from the castle walls as they approached... they turned and fled into the night as darkness fell on Arendelle....

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