Friday, January 19, 2018

Star Wars: Legion - Leak of (Commander) Leia Organa and Rebel Fleet Troopers!

Over in Europe, it appears that an employee of a French games distributor for Fantasy Flight Games took and posted a photo of two unannounced expansions for Star Wars: Legion on Instagram.

We knew that Leia would be one of the upcoming Rebel releases, but the surprise is that this release of Leia is her wearing her Endor combat gear -- most bets had been on her sporting her Hoth outfit.

Additionally, while most were expecting that Rebel Hoth Troopers would be announced as an upcoming expansion, it now appears that the next Rebel expansion will be Rebel Fleet Troopers, (the Rebel Troopers as seen in A New Hope).

I'm very excited for this news, as the vanilla Rebel Troopers have always been my favorite!

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