Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Best Dice Roll Of My Entire Gaming Lifetime

Strom and I played another game of 40K 8th Edition a few weekends back.  This time, it was the Grey Knights versus my new Death Guard from the Dark Imperium starter set.  We are still learning the rules, but the game was fun and played fast.  It was pretty close at the end, but the Grey Knights were victorious and had a few models remaining on the table while all my Death Guard forces were destroyed.

In the game I rolled the best dice roll of my entire gaming lifetime.  When rolling saves for my Poxwalkers, I rolled 8D6 and came up with 7 sixes and 1 four, which saved 7 Poxwalkers from extinction.

Looking at it another way, that roll is a sum of 46 on 8D6.  I ran the calculations - that sum or better on 8D6 is only 45 chances out of 1,679,616 rolls.  That simplifies to a 1 out of 37,324.8 chance....  Quite impressive indeed.

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