Thursday, October 19, 2017

"Painting" 40K Space Marines with Sharpie Pens - Build+Paint Land Speeder

After I painted a small contingent of Space Marines with Sharpies, I decided to pickup a Build+Paint Land Speeder to attempt the same quick, basic paint job.

Below is the work in progress, showing the model primed and then after less than an hour of work with the Sharpies.  I decided to give the Land Speeder some battle damage to match the scars on the Dreadnought.  This was achieved by outlining silver splotches with black ink.

I'm hoping to paint the flesh color on the Space Marine's face this weekend, then dip the model soon afterwards.  As usual before dipping, it looks like garbage at this stage.  However, dipping should tone down the stark contrast that the pens achieve, give the colors some depth, and create a better overall effect.  I'm still curious to see how the finished model will look without a terrain base like the rest of the Space Marines.

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