Saturday, March 25, 2017

Winter Tabletop Gaming Scenery by "crowin16" (Ebay)

I was looking for some winter scenery for skirmish games such as 40K Kill Team, Age of Sigmar, (or even Frostgrave down the road).  On Ebay, I noticed a seller named crowin16 selling stone scenery using high-density foam.  I won one of his auctions and was very pleased with the quality and detail.  I completed the table with:
  • 3x3 foot winter mat, made from white felt (with sparkles) from Joann Fabric, and
  • Winter-themed evergreen trees from Michaels, (with small white felt mats to define the area terrain).
I'm hoping to try out Age of Sigmar using this board in the near future.  I'm also currently assembling some Chaos Space Marines for a Kill Team game down the road.

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