Thursday, March 2, 2017

Soda Pop Miniatures: Relic Knights 2nd Edition Kickstarter

Soda Pop Miniatures started their Relic Knights 2nd Edition Kickstarter on Monday.  I have collected a number of the Relic Knights miniatures, but did not participate in the first Kickstarter by CoolMiniOrNot. As a result, this is basically a automatic pledge for me:

I listened to the Q&A that was posted on the rule changes, and it sounds like many rule changes were made to make the game more straight-forward and fix some broken mechanics.  One exciting piece of news is that backers who participate in the Beta by submitting at last three game reports will receive their name in the credits.  I may try to play a few games in response to this offer.

I'm excited to see what models are unlocked over the course of the campaign, and seeing all the new versions of current models are getting me anxious to finish painting my cadres before they get upgraded!

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