Saturday, January 28, 2017

Quartermaster General

Quartermaster General is a 2-6 player World War 2 strategy game that uses a card-driven mechanic.  Unlike most World War 2 games, it focuses on the logistics and importance of supply in warfare.  There are no dice, and battles (if you initiate them) are always victories (unless your opponent has planned for it by spending a card on a turn before the battle).  It is the newest addition to our twice-yearly father-son weekends.

I first saw this game back in 2014 when Ian Brody, the game's designer was showing it off at Gencon.  After its release, I bought it.  I brought it out for a gamenight for six-player session a few years back, but it seemed to bog down with that many players (probably due to it being its first play).  I enjoyed it and wanted to give it another try, this time with my dad as a two-player game.  I think the game really shines at two players - there is little downtime, and the action is fast and decisive.  There are options, and each game felt different based on the initial card draws and back-and-forth gameplay.

The only drawback was the score track, which if you forget a turn of scoring can have a significant effect on the end game.  I created a score track using Google Docs, which easily and quickly records the score each turn. The great thing is that it also acts as a record for each game played.  So far, we've played three games with the score trackers - two Allied victories and one Axis victory.

I look forward to playing it in the future, and recommend it for a great two-player experience.  If you are looking for a light-to-medium weight wargame that plays in about an hour, I suggest you pick it up.

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