Wednesday, June 15, 2016

15mm Superhero Gaming - Taffy Man Character Sheet

The story of Leroy Taff is a cautionary tale.  Once a simple confectioner, Leroy lead a solitary life making candy.  But his attempt to bring life to his candy creations had dramatic effects that would forever alter his destiny.

One afternoon, after leaving his shop, Leroy saved an old Roma women from being hit by an out of control car.  For saving her life, she offered Leroy one wish.  Leroy explained that he wished he could bring "joie de vivre" to his taffy making craft.  The Roma woman nodded and provide Leroy a charm with specific instructions for completing a magic spell to fulfill his wish.

Due to an unfortunate translation error, instead of bringing the joy of life to Leroy's taffy, the attributes of taffy were bestowed upon the closest living thing - him.  Leroy found that he had gained extraordinary powers - the attributes of taffy itself.  Leroy found that he could contort and stretch his body into any shape.  From that day forward, Leroy was Taffy Man.

Below is... Taffy Man, an original character:

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