Friday, May 6, 2016

Flames of War Vietnam - Reliable Intel Mission

Yesterday after work I went over to Strom's house for some Vietnam-era Flames of War.  We played the Reliable Intel mission which simulates a US Navy SEAL squad deep behind enemy lines.  I played the SEALs and Strom played the VC.  The game was small - just 300 points per side.

We set our scenario on an island in the middle of the muddy Mekong delta.  The five objectives (red boxes) were placed around the island.  The extraction points (blue boxes) were the escape routes for the SEALs to end the game.  The VC started in the village (in white), while the SEALs (in black) were inserted near the first objective.  I choose to attack at night.

Strom put on some Creedence and we began....

The SEALs quickly secured the first objective.  The Patrol Boat engaged the VC, with little result for either side due to the darkness and distance of fire.  The SEALs moved quickly to the next objective while the VC moved up.  The SEALs were still searching to find the intelligence at the second objective when the VC emerged from the jungle.  A firefight ensued and the SEALs took heavy fire from multiple sides.  It was not the finest moment for the SEALs, who only caused a handful of casualties against the vastly more numerous VC.  The injured and surrounded SEALs tried to mount a defense, while the Patrol Boat raced to provide escape.  Finally unpinned, the SEALs boarded the Patrol Boat.  The VC fired on the Patrol Boat as they exited the battlefield via the extraction point.

The SEALs ended up gathering just one of the five objectives and only left the table with two teams remaining - both injured.  The Patrol Boat extracted the SEALs, allowing for a Major Defeat for the SEALs, (as opposed to a Stunning Defeat).  We stretched the rules to allow me to pickup the SEALs with the Patrol Boat away from the extraction point, which helped save me from the worst outcome.

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