Sunday, May 22, 2016

15mm Superhero Gaming - Guardians of the Galaxy Character Sheets

I use modified Flames of War rules for my 15mm Superhero gaming sessions.  I used some simple prototypes, but have recently created more detailed character sheets that track health and energy, as well as list of out actions and special rules for each character.  I constructed the sheets in Excel, exported them to Photoshop for some detailing, then digitally printed them as 5x7 photos at Costco (for $.57 each).  I think they turned out well and look forward to using them in future gaming sessions.

Below are the Guardians of the Galaxy:

Sunday, May 15, 2016

X-Wing Miniatures Game - JumpMaster 5000

I met Juice at Mox Boarding House on Wednesday for some dinner and X-Wing miniatures.  He had just bought the Mist Hunter Expansion Pack (Zuckuss and 4-LOM) and the Punishing One Expansion Pack (Dengar), and so he brought a two-JumpMaster 5000 / one G-1A build.

I brought my Fat Chewie with Wedge build (98 Points):

Wedge Antilles / X-Wing (29)

  • R2-D2 (4)
  • Veteran Instincts (1)
  • Shield Upgrade (4)

Chewbacca / YT-1300 (42)

  • Predator (3)
  • C-3PO (3)
  • Luke Skywalker (7)
  • Millenium Falcon (1)
  • Shield Upgrade (4)

We ended up playing two games.  In the first, Wedge was defeated early, but Chewie hunted down each opposing ship one by one, using C-3PO to block a ton of damage.  The Falcon had a majority of its hull damage left when the game ended.  In the second game, even though Wedge lived a bit longer, the game was much closer.  The game ended with just four hull left on the Falcon.   Juice brought Boba Fett on one of the JumpMaster 5000, and had he rolled one critical hit, I would have lost C-3PO and that would have been the end of my damage blocking.  I used the Falcon's maneuverability to my advantage, taking into account the unique lack of symmetry on the JumpMaster 5000 dial.  I was fortunate that my build matched up well against Juice's list, so I'll be curious to see how m other builds do against it in the future.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

15mm Superhero Gaming - Rise of the Dead Session Report

Last year at Halloween I GMed my first 15mm Superhero gaming session for my family.  We used the Flames of War rules, modified for Superhero adventures and also used my Flames of War scenery.  Below are the details from that session.  I posted this on DakkaDakka a few months back, but wanted to add in a few more details and some better pictures....

Rise of the Dead

Herr Kürbiskopf has completed his dark ritual in an abandoned church near a small village, raising soldiers from the dead to be his minions.  Nick Fury has quickly assembled a small team of new superheroes to confront Herr Kürbiskopf and his undead horde.  The mission: to protect the villagers, stop the zombies, and defeat Herr Kürbiskopf.  

*Ice Princess (and Snowflake, the Ice Golem)
*Captain America
*America Girl
*Black Widow

Galactic A-Holes (NPCs):
*Rocket Raccoon

*Herr Kürbiskopf
*Zombies (many, many Zombies) 

Victory!  The superhero team needed to call in some US Army (NPC) reinforcements, but the village was saved from the zombie horde and Herr Kürbiskopf was defeated!  Along the way, some Galactic A-Holes joined the fight....

At 15mm, I can quickly create new adversaries and superheroes as needed, so I'll be holding similar gaming sessions in the near future.  I also created some character sheets for use in the game - I'll post them shortly.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Flames of War Vietnam - Reliable Intel Mission

Yesterday after work I went over to Strom's house for some Vietnam-era Flames of War.  We played the Reliable Intel mission which simulates a US Navy SEAL squad deep behind enemy lines.  I played the SEALs and Strom played the VC.  The game was small - just 300 points per side.

We set our scenario on an island in the middle of the muddy Mekong delta.  The five objectives (red boxes) were placed around the island.  The extraction points (blue boxes) were the escape routes for the SEALs to end the game.  The VC started in the village (in white), while the SEALs (in black) were inserted near the first objective.  I choose to attack at night.

Strom put on some Creedence and we began....

The SEALs quickly secured the first objective.  The Patrol Boat engaged the VC, with little result for either side due to the darkness and distance of fire.  The SEALs moved quickly to the next objective while the VC moved up.  The SEALs were still searching to find the intelligence at the second objective when the VC emerged from the jungle.  A firefight ensued and the SEALs took heavy fire from multiple sides.  It was not the finest moment for the SEALs, who only caused a handful of casualties against the vastly more numerous VC.  The injured and surrounded SEALs tried to mount a defense, while the Patrol Boat raced to provide escape.  Finally unpinned, the SEALs boarded the Patrol Boat.  The VC fired on the Patrol Boat as they exited the battlefield via the extraction point.

The SEALs ended up gathering just one of the five objectives and only left the table with two teams remaining - both injured.  The Patrol Boat extracted the SEALs, allowing for a Major Defeat for the SEALs, (as opposed to a Stunning Defeat).  We stretched the rules to allow me to pickup the SEALs with the Patrol Boat away from the extraction point, which helped save me from the worst outcome.