Sunday, April 3, 2016

Star Wars: Rebellion

This morning Strom came over for a morning game session to try out our first game of Star Wars: Rebellion from Fantasy Flight Games.  I was the Empire and Strom was the Rebellion.  We used the Quick Start rules to quickly jump into the game.

Strategy - My strategy was to split the map in half and have one large force on each side of the map capable of destroying the Rebel Base, once located.  I would concentrate on running through the Probe Droid deck to try and quickly locate the Rebel Base.

Early Game - General Rieekan had been captured and frozen in carbonite on Mandalore.  We both recruited leaders and slowly built up our forces.  Strom never got Obi-Wan during the game and only received Han and Chewie just before mid-game.

Mid Game - There was a failed attempt by the Rebels to blow up the first Death Star.  Luke was completing his Jedi training with Yoda on Dagobah, while far overhead the planet Moff Jerjerrod was overseeing the building of the second Death Star.  Chewbacca was captured after completing a mission on Malastare, but did not succumb to my attempt at turning him to Dark Side....

End Game - With the second Death Star completed, I now had two armed and fully operational Death Stars.  I had winnowed down the possible locations of the Rebel Base to one of three systems:  Dantooine (in lower left section of the board), Tatooine, or Ryloth (which were both in the upper right section of the board).  I only needed to send my forces to find the Rebel Base and destroy it.  Meanwhile, the Rebel forces were assembling at Naboo, while my large Imperial fleet at Dagobah prepared for an attack on the Rebel fleet.

Dantooine was taken... only to find no Rebel activity on the planet!  The Rebel Base was on Tatooine or Ryloth.  However, it was too late - the Rebel forces and their expert diplomacy has taken their toll. The game ended, the Rebellion successful at persuading the galaxy that the time of the Empire was at its end.

Summary - In all, we had a fun time.  Setup took about a half-hour, but the game itself was almost four hours to complete.  We found that combat really slowed down the game, especially the Tactics cards, which seemed a little fiddly.  However, the game is cinematic, fun, and oozes theme, (Star Wars music playing in the background is a must).  I look forward to re-reading the rules and seeing what I missed for our next session.

Moff Jerjerrod oversaw the construction of a second Death Star over Dagobah.
General Rieekan was captured early in the game on Mandalore, and later frozen in Carbonite.
Wedge bested Admiral Piett over Geonosis.
General Veers versus "General... Madine" on Ord Mantell.  Veers won this one.
I captured Chewbacca after his sabotage mission, but failed to turn him to the Dark Side....
Both fleets prepared for a great battle that never ended up happening.
I took Dantooine, but found no Rebel Base!
End game - the Rebel Base ended up being on Ryloth - in the upper right of the map....

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