Saturday, March 18, 2017

Batman Miniature Game - Bane vs. Batman

Strom and I played our first game of Knight Model's Batman miniatures game a few weeks ago.  The game uses 35mm miniatures and was released a few years ago.  Strom used Batman, and I took Bane.... 

Batman started out the melee using his Batclaw (grapple) to distance himself from Bane.  Once in position, Batman unleashed a volley of Batarangs, slightly wounding Bane.  Batman then closed in for the melee.

Bane took some punches from Batman early, but shrugged most of the damage off with his Desensitized skill, (allowing him to fight as normal after taking damage).  Bane struck back, wounding Batman.  It was a long, drawn-out battle - one to rival the infamous scene from the movie They Live.

Then - it happened.  With a sudden punch, Bane knocked down Batman to the ground with a lucky roll on the critical dice, (when the critical die matches one of the damage dice, it knocks the opponent down).  Bane prepared to finish Batman off.  However, as Bane strutted over for the finishing blow, Batman regained his footing, standing up, and attacked Bane with a swift kick.  

Bane fell to the ground, knocked-out.  Batman was victorious.

Overall, it was a good learning game to understand the basics of the rules.  Batman's defensive skill vs. Bane's power and toughness was a good match.  We are looking forward to learning the rules and introducing more models into future games.


  1. Great photos, where did you get the vehicles?

    1. Thanks! The vehicles are from a few sources. Most are just toys from the local hardware / general store - just made in China. One is a "Fast and the Furious" model I got from Target in the toy car section. The Tumbler is "Eaglemoss Batman Automobilia Batmobile Collection" [#40 Dark Knight Rises Movie Bane Tumbler]. Is is a little smaller scale though....